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Thread: Touch controller not found?

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    Touch controller not found?

    Ive had this touch panel for a while, from when i used to work at a PC repair store. my boss had it lying around and said i could have it. there isnt a lot of infor about it anywhere, it said something like dynapro something or other, but to get to the point, I gutted out the panel so i can make a new mount option for the consol of my car, everything IS wired correctly as i drew Exact eplica layouts of everything as i was taking it all apart. The lcd works fine, no issues, but the touch controller isnt found, ive never seen the touch function work on it(as ive never really been able to find a need till now) But i have tried MULTIPLE drivers from all over the place, generic drivers, 3m drivers, etc and nothing. I was testing it on my laptop(Dell D600) Via the Serial port. It shows nothing is connected to the COMport. Ive tried the auto detect, the individual port selections and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Or should i spend the 60 for a new usb touch panel from ebay

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    I am having a similar problem with my touchscreen. I had to get a usb extention cable to connect the usb controller to my carpc(which is mounted in the trunk of my 300m). I'm also curious as to how to remedy this issue. It is being detected in LinuxICE2(but can't calibrate for some reason). In Windows(I have a multiple OS setup) it is no longer recognized since installing it in my car(using the extension cable). Do I need a certain kind of usb extension cable? Must be at least 10' long.

    Sorry for Hi Jacking your tread....but we have a similar problem, so I thought it a good idea to try find the answer on the same!!!
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