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Thread: Radar detectors

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    Radar detectors

    I was wondering if there were any USB/PC compatible radar detectors out there. The main reason why I'm asking this is that they're illegal where I live, and would like to hide the reiceiver and see the warnings on my PC screen. A giant detector screen on the top of my dash would probably give me a ticket right off the bat...

    I found this one: , and was wondering if this would be any good?

    Has anyone here run into something as easy as plug and play USB detector?

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    triple check the pics!-- the part with the usb port is just a cigarette power adapter with 5v outputs, and 12v outputs-- it has nothing to do with sending data(i didn't realise itmyself until i enlarged the picture)

    also, i am put off by the fake 'jewel' that they put on the top of the unit-- it doesn't look like a decent unit at all.

    also, i used to use a radar detector, mounted high on my windshield-- i took it out when i got pulled over for speeding, and it never chirped once(it actually happened twice, the second time, i almost got out and stomped on it...), but went off at random at everything else--the second time, the cop was traveling the other way, around a curve, and the last time the detector went off was 15 min before the curve-- my poor defenseless self wondering why the cop was turning around...

    the valentine1 may be better, but until i can find a cheap reliable solution, i see no reason to get one at all(which by the way, they have come up with a way to integrate with using a serial port)...

    the irony is since i pulled it out, i haven't gotten any tickets..

    these days, i would rather put the money into traffic school, or paying for the ticket, than having the false sense of security it offers.

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    For a different perspective, I highly recommend the Beltronics detectors. I've used two: the V995 dash mount and the RX75 remote mount and both provide excellent warning on most radar and laser devices. and both provide a lot of really good information on what detectors can and can't do. They also help you find the best detector for a given price range.

    Right now, the only detector that can be easily integrated with a carPC is the Valentine1. There are plugins available for RR and Centrafuse I believe, or will be soon. It is possible to integrate some of the Beltronics/Escort models, but it requires a Fusionbrain or arduino type microprocessor board and some fairly serious "hacking" to get it all working.


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