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Thread: Can I have help here guys :)

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    Question Can I have help here guys :)

    Hi guys

    I'm new @ and I hope I can find some help here and I don't know if I post my thread in the right place. I have BMW 750Li 2008 and how I can connect my HD to the car so I can watch movies on my screen ?

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    First out... Nice car My next family car will be a 750.

    There are probably those that are going to nag about searching and reading the forum rules, or maybe even the FAQs. But I don't care as long as it's BMW we're talking about

    For connecting your HD (HardDrive) to the onboard screen, you probably need a connecting device of sorts.. Easy route would be through a CarPC.
    I know very little about the possebilities of the 7-series.

    If your just want to hook up a portable storage device for audio. I think the 2008 7-series support USB as mass storage. They defenetly support iPhone/iPod Touch. The Apple way only requires a "iPhone kit" that you can buy from a local BMW dealer, and have them mount it in the car.

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    In order to play movies, you need some sort of software to play the movie files. I doubt that your Beemer has this capability. Even if it can play DVDs, it probably doesn't have the software to play movie files, which are a whole different animal.

    Your easiest solution would be to use some sort of portable video player and connect it to the aux video input of the BMW's entertainment system, assuming it has that functionality.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and if you intend on going the PC route, read the FAQs to start.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks alot guys

    I wrote this because yesterday I saw my friend's Lexus LS460 connected with portable hard drive and playing movies through the screen. it was fantastic idea instead of installing a dvd player.

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