Hi guys,

I know quite a few different makes of head unit have wired remote inputs for use with factory steering wheel controls but to my knowledge, only Sony and Kenwood have ever made actual wired remotes for those who don't have steering controls.

In one of my cars, the head unit is located really low down, making it a PITA to use without a remote so I forked out for a nice Sony unit and a Joystick but the build quality of the Sony joystick is, well, crap. It feels cheap and plasticy and is very creaky.

My other car has the head unit mounted up top so a wired remote isn't needed but after having one, I'd like one again....but not another Sony :P

I like old cars so this is always gonna be an issue for me. Are there any third parties out there who make wired remotes for use with Sony/Kenwood/Alpine/Pioneer?