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Thread: Lilliput 7 Inch USB UM-70/C/T Monitor

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    Lilliput 7 Inch USB UM-70/C/T Monitor

    Hi guys

    looking to purchase a touchscreen from the store

    Just want to confirm that* Lilliput UM-70/C/T Monitor gets its video input through usb Or vga?

    Thanks for your help


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    no, it will only work through usb-- meaning that there is no way to get any info to display before the computer boots up...

    i do not recommend using this screen as a primary display for this reason-- if you have any issues with the system not booting, there is no way to tell or even trouble shoot without a different monitor...(memory becomes unslotted, hdd cable loosens up and unplugs, boot error, etc..)

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    glad i read this, I was just about to purchase that model! Thanks for the tip!

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