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Thread: Making a wireless touch screen?

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    Making a wireless touch screen?

    I was just wondering if anyone thought of making a wireless touch screen?

    I had a thought of using a Lilliput 7 Inch USB Powered WVGA Touch Screen UM-70/C/T Monitor with a wireless usb hub and a 5v-12v rechargeable battery pack.

    The rechargeable battery back can be wired to the wireless usb hub and the screen. The battery pack can be charged by USB as well.

    It might be a nice idea, hard to package so it remains compact, but just wondering if anyone has done this or thought of something similar?

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    How is the video (VGA) signal going to get through wirelessly? Also, what is the purpose for this?

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    I guess you could use some kind of USB video card and hook it up with the wireless USB, dunno but the idea at least for right now sounds crazy

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    Mp3car did it about 2 years ago with a wireless VGA and hub. Check the videos in the blog page for details.

    The issue is power. If the purpose of the wireless connection is to eliminate cables, you still need a power wire. Might as well go with a wire for USB.

    The mp3 setup used a laptop battery.
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    i have the wireless hub, and am working convincing myself to get the battery, and thread

    that battery pack is 12v, so you would need a regulator to step it down..

    there are plenty of 5v usb output battery packs(and my wireless hub is rated for 5v@3a), that would mean less parts, and slightly easier integration-- basically, you would just need to hack up some usb cables to provide power to the hub

    if you look at this trent brand unit near the bottom of my thread, it has 2 usb ports, so i could still come very close to keeping to usb specs, even while powering both devices..

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    I also tried the idea using a Mimo USB screen and wireless USB hub. The results where disastrous. It was easier just to put a touch screen in each seat and call it a day. Now if you want this to control the car from the outside, then simply use something like Windows Remote Desktop to control it from your phone. Unless its not a WinMo phone, then you could always just use LogMeIn.
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    I agree with its usefulness (not!).

    But USB is the easy way to go - everything exists for it.

    But to charge a battery for it..... the screen drain is bad enough!

    PS - I just realized who.... Batteries are not good (efficient) power sources - but I think you are realising that.
    Plus a charge-discharge cycle for how many cycles before battery replacement?
    And for what? A heavy assembly instead of a few light cables?
    And if remote (location), low power is key hence cables - not wireless.
    Fine for a mobile kyb-screen whilst walking remote from the PC... Personally I'd get a wireless netbook...

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    Why don't you work on striking a multi billion dollar with
    those guys? Seems simple enough, one or two phone calls and a check and you go your self a wireless touch screen.

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    You could set up a Tesla coil in the trunk to power it

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