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Thread: Using Griffin Powermate in Linux

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    Using Griffin Powermate in Linux

    I've got my Griffin Powermate working under Linux it was pretty easy. Here is the procedure. If files don't exists already create them.

    1) Add correct permissions for the new device. Add this to /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules.
    Make sure you add the specified group to /etc/group and add yourself and other X users to it. Otherwise use some group all GUI users are a member of.
    ATTRS{product}=="Griffin PowerMate" GROUP="powermate", MODE="0666"
    2) Install .deb or build source from

    3) Add ~/.evrouterrc to your home dir with the following contents
    Window ""
    "Griffin PowerMate" "" any key/256 "XKey/XF86AudioMute"
    "Griffin PowerMate" "" any rel/7/1 "XKey/XF86AudioRaiseVolume"
    "Griffin PowerMate" "" any rel/7/-1 "XKey/XF86AudioLowerVolume"
    4) Start evrouter when users log into X by adding this to /etc/X11/xinit.d/evrouter
    evrouter /dev/input/by-id/usb-Griffin_Technology__Inc._Griffin_PowerMate-event-if00
    Of course this requires the knob to be attached at login time. A hotplug script would be necessary to load evrouter on demand.
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    I don't have one of these... However, using what you posted - below is a simple udev rule to try.

    BUS="usb", KERNEL="event*", ATTRS{product}="Griffin PowerMate", SYMLINK+="input/powermate" run+="/usr/local/bin/evrouter_start"

    where evrouter_start is something like:

    evrouter /dev/input/powermate

    With this remove step #4, and now things should be on demand...

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    Thanks for sparing me the legwork of reading this dudes mind.

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