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Thread: Targus mouse remote

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    Targus mouse remote

    rf and everything

    thought i'd share.

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    That is pretty slick, I wonder how smooth the motion is on it. I have the comparable RF RemotePoint for my HTPC and have found that programable buttons are the most valuable commodity on a remote like this. Mine only has 4. I wonder if this one has any more buttons underneath. This one sure looks sleeker then mine and more fitting in a clean car install. Nice find.

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    There's also this one. I have not tried them, but probably will. Not that much cheaper that a touchscreen, however...

    Anyone out there use one of these things?
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    Has anyone actually used the targus remote? I'd like to know how well it actually works.
    Right now I'm using the X10 MouseRemote. It's RF and has all kinds of programmable buttons, but it's frickin huge! (Just as big as my remote for my home A/V system) I would like something smaller, like the size of the remote for my car stereo and it has to be RF. Programmable buttons would be nice, but aren't the biggest issue I have right now.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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