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Thread: New Cam Setup questions

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    New Cam Setup questions

    I working on starting a new cam setup that will allow me to see behind, in front of and underneath. Before it gets asked I have a FJ Cruiser that will see dirt, water, rocks and trail. I have acquired some waterproof cameras that are reverse cameras. I figure it will be easier to reverse the reversed image with a pc than with a standalone DVR monitor system.

    1). I know I can hookup a single camera via composite to usb adapter, how can I hookup multiple cameras to a single usb?
    2). What is/are some of the better camera software that will allow me to monitor and record?
    3). Anything else I may have missed?

    Im going to be using an HP tablet PC with Windows 7 Ultimate.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks

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    Hey this is my first post! On a old topic that might not ever been seen by you ISOMSWIM but other people searching might see this!

    You can use a USB hub to stream all the cameras into a single USB line to your computer or another HUB.
    Such as this one

    Further more on question 2: I have no Clue im a programmer so I would make something to do soo. If you want me too ill make something that can display multiple webcam streams?

    3: You have missed this response

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