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Thread: Yet another Andrea Superbeam echo issue

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    Yet another Andrea Superbeam echo issue

    I've reviewed everything I've found on the 'net and still have issues with this mic.

    My setup: Intel D510MO with onboard Realtek audio, Andrea Superbeam with the included USB sound card (not the mp3car SUMA combo), four channel amp, front and rear speakers, Centrafuse 3.5, Windows 7 x86 Ultimate

    I installed the latest drivers from the Andrea website, installed the USB sound card, and plugged in my mic and a 3.5mm to RCA adapter that runs to my 4 channel amp. I ran the Audiocommander setup, calibrated my mic, and turned on the echo cancel, noise cancel, and the other mic settings.

    I set up CF for speech recognition, made sure my BT settings were correct for input and output, and made a test call. Holy crap was the echo intense. It seems like there is no echo canceling going on. Standard audio playback is fine, but waaaaaaaay loud. I have to keep my volume at 1% or 2% otherwise I'm bleeding from my ears.

    I'm hoping there is some setting I'm just missing. Anyone have a similar setup or a working Andrea with echo doing what it should that can throw some ideas my way? Is my amp the reason that the audio is so darned loud? I had no issues with my Alpine head unit being too loud when paired with my SSL F.400 amp (yes, it's a cheap one).
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