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Thread: Directed HD Radio Causing static in factory radio

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    Directed HD Radio Causing static in factory radio


    I currently have my directed hd radio wired up to the +12V output of my carnetix P1900 power supply. It is set to FM modulation for audio output. The +19V output of the carnetix is tied to the input for my laptop. When the HD radio is not powered on, I have good reception when the Directed HD radio is disconnected from the carnetix. When the radio is connected and turned on, there is static and distortion on the stereo radio. I tried tying the hd radio return directly to the chassis of the car. I also tried soldering the RCA returns to chassis but it did not improve the static. Does anyone else have this problem and have any idea how I can fix this? Thanks!

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    Could be a bad radio unit
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    This sounds like a very common problem which is solvable - but from your description I can't tell if you have tried it. Here a link to the solution: It made a night and day difference for me.
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