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Thread: get control wheel with arduino - an alternative of joycon

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    get control wheel with arduino - an alternative of joycon

    i show off my project to get the control whell with arduino ( very usefull card )
    in this example this is for renault clio 2

    the scheme :

    the program on the card send a letter to serial port and with autohotkey or other do the action on the computer
    the code arduino :

    second, you need AACKEYS ( )
    what do aackeys ? he read the serial port and transcribed to pressing a key
    ex : ardiuno send "a" aackeys simulate a press on the key "a"

    and an example of an autohotkey script:

    Send {Media_Next}

    Send {Volume_Up 1}

    Send {Volume_Down 1}

    in french :

    pour recupere les commandes sur une renault clio 2
    voici le montage :

    Les A? et B? correspondent au commande au volant, je me suis branché directement dessus, les fils arrivant deriere l autoradio n etant pas les bons

    pour a1 a2 b1 b2 b3 voir ici :,800.0.html

    voila le code arduino :

    ensuite j ai installer AACKEYS ( )
    qui restranscrit ce qui recoit sur le port serial en touche du clavier, par exemple la carte arduino envoi au pc "a", on aura simulé un appui sur la touche "a"
    je n ai pas reussi a faire envoyer des combinaisons de touches mais ca marche comme ca et ca me convient mais si quelqu un y arrive je suis prenneur

    ensuite j utilise centrafuse qui prend en compte les raccourci clavier,
    avec autohotkey, un petit exemple :

    Send {Media_Next}

    Send {Volume_Up 1}

    Send {Volume_Down 1}

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    I was researching this and found a nice open source program that would work with my arduino to do this very thing. Then I ran across a page that tells you how to make a virtual USB keyboard with the arduino. Nice thing is that it doesn't use the arduino port but instead work a just as a USB keyboard on it's own port. Grab the v-usb library and you're all set.

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    Just a post on this one:
    I have been using the Arduino to read in the resistance for my steering wheel controls.
    So all i've had to do is read for a 0 to 255 range with a 5v feed and then work with the results on that..

    This board will be getting plenty of other uses, BUT i refuse to use a shield with these unless it was a set finish installed product.
    2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
    Base System = Raspberry Pi
    Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup

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