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Thread: Bluetooth touchpad

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    Bluetooth touchpad

    Does anyone know of a wireless, preferably bluetooth, touchpad the size of the small usb ones?

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    As example...

    Well... Nice question... I prefer to use LazyPad - it's very usefull, compact and all-in-one: keyboard, touchpad and remote control for media appl., connect via USB or BT.
    Moreover, it able to work even in BIOS mode ( of course, only USB connected ).
    Again - this is my choice, but some people do not like it, it seems them very useless

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    The only one that I could locate is this one, not BT but looks nice.;amp;sr=8-1

    Good luck.

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    Thanks, but what I'm actually looking for is something the size of a laptops sit on top of my ashtray without wires.

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    The Logitech one is the only thing I've found in my searches. There's probably not much demand for it - hence the lack of products available.
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