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Thread: A question about mounting a flexible keyboard

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    cleveland ohio

    jack of all trades.

    I always knew one day it would pay off to have dabled in as many things as i have tried in my life.

    to solve your dilema of nothing sticking to the silicon keyboard might i sugget.... MORE SILICON

    I once tested my luck in the field of aquarium building.
    They make a 100% silicon glue that is used to glue and seal the glass panels together in an aquarium. that stuff will stick to ANYTHING at all. including more silicon.

    You can buy it at just about any good fish store or aquarium seller. Just tell them you have a aquarium that is leaking and you need the silicon to seal it. and they will point you right to the stuff.
    I just warn you, it is messy as hell, and very unpleasant to get off of anything you dont want it stuck to.. including hands. (it is waterproof so soap does nothing to it, and anything you try does nothing buy spread it around and rub it in. you best bet is to just let it dry and try to peel it off hands, or else just let it wear off.)

    on this same note... anyone interested in a SUPER high power refigerated water cooler for a PC?

    i got into the aquarium building stuff so i could build this crazy thing. and amazingly it worked great. too well actually. It is a 12 gallon plexiglas water tank, with the guts of a window AC unit to cool the water, and a pump and water block to cool the CPU. I had it cooling dual AMD's overclocked to high heaven and doing 3D rendering around the clock, and the water never got above 5 degrees celcius. it was crazy. i am selling it now as i no longer need to overclock like that these days.

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    The idea of a keyboard on the visor sounds really slick. Until you start to think about it.

    I have a friend that is going into the EMT business, and some of his EMT books show some of the things that happen during accidents.

    Well, one couple was driving, hit another car head on at 45 MPH, ... he had a set of CD's on the visor. The weight of the CD's on the visor lowered it just enough for the visor to catch his head at the time of impact, this scalped the guy. It doesn't seem like much force, and the visor seems flimsy, but it's really dangerous. This is why you are always told to fold the visor back when you use it, so it's right next to the windshield, so that it can't scalp you.

    Needless to say, this killed it guy, and the girlfriend lived.

    SO, don't place anything on a visor! OR make CERTAIN it's got a VERY tight screw holding it and it takes ALOT of force to pull down.

    I used to have a CD holder on my visor, and I have since removed it.

    I also used to have a box of tissues on my rear dash, that's been removed too, because that can cause a serious problem, also.

    My suggestion is to buy a RF keyboard, one with a power switch, and simply place the keyboard between the seats when not in use. This seems to work extremly well for me.

    *Knight steps off his high horse.*


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    what about those foldup mini keyboards for use with palm pilots???

    those things fold out to normal size, but fold up to like a 4x4x2in size...very very small and portable...any way to interface them with a comp?
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    want: my stereo actually IN the car

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    that's small.. i think i might get that later once i get everything setup.. touch screen lcd is out of my budget.. unless one of you guys decide to donate me one

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