I have been using the Girder automation software for years with my carpc. I was using the Irman ir receiver but it died.
I am looking for a cheap alternative compatible ir receiver that will work with Girder 5.

I see the uirt that Girder sells for about $50.00 but i'm looking for a way cheaper alternative.

Will any of the ones that supposed to work with Windows media player etc work with Girder?

I had tried one of these I had but couldn't get it to work.

In the Girder software I see plugin selections for IRA UIR UIRT etc but nothing on eBay amazon etc says this so i'm not sure if they will work.

Anyone know of any cheap ir receivers that will work with Girder that is still easily available?. That doesn't have to have a deticated remote to work with it as I like the little remore I use already.
Something all I have to do is select the right plugin and will work.