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Thread: Four HD Cameras installed in Avalanche

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    Very nice job! Look's factory. Keep up the great work. SNO

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    gr8 job man...

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    Really nice job! Looks great!
    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -AE

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    You have convinced me to try USB over RCA, although I'm pretty sure RCA is still the industry standard for AV equipment.

    Do you run the camera through any hardware encoders before recording them, or is it all software? If software, how many cameras do you think you can record concurrently in 1080p, given your hardware specs? What software do you use to record?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dluvr22 View Post
    For those who are familiar with the Logitech C90, This is a 15 MP HD webcam with dual microphones.
    It can also record 1080P videos.
    I won't be using the microphones on for this install though for now.
    I must say I was blown away when I saw the video quality of this thing while drive testing a few days ago.
    I blew my mind. Never again will I even consider adding a CMOS camera to any of my future installs.

    More images of the rear view mirror mounted camera.

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    Depends on your usage. a 15 megapixel camera can take up some serious storage real quick. I have considered using a conventional DVR with an SSD installed since they run off 12volts. Then you have to access the video via PC by connecting to the box over CAT5.


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    Come to realize camera angle is probably as important as quality, if not more depending on application.

    Unfortunately with around 80 degrees vision with USB Webcams VS CCD 170 degrees plus vision, do do a 360 degree birds eye view would take more than 10+ web cams to achieve rather than 4 CCD cameras.

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