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I think you are missing the point...the buttons will be on the steering wheel which turns and the PC will be in the car which is fixed...so there will need to be some sort of cable which allows the steering wheel to turn while still connecting the buttons as inputs to the PC...this is called a spiral cable and is what all cars use for the radio and/or cruise controls normally mounted on the steering wheel.

The only other way would be to use a wireless control module for the buttons, mounted inside the steering wheel to transmit button presses to the receiver connected to the PC by either rf or bluetooth.
Yes, I might have expressed myself incorrectly

I imagined that a cable came out from the back of the wheel (the part we obviously dont see) with some kind of interface. I supposed that a universal wheel would have a USB interface (or some other common one)

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If you want to use one of the IR universals, you can get a converter (I had one for my home system) that has an RF transmitter which replaces one of your batteries (AA or AAA, the transmitter holds a rechargeable battery that's half the size, so you put those 2 things which are included together, replace one of your batteries, and the remote is now an IR remote). The receiver looks like a UFO, but it can go back up inside your dash. It has an output to an RF LED that you'd tape to the IR receiver on your PC. That would be fully wireless and work like a champ regardless of where in the car you put your receiver.
I believe I did not understand you correctly. I perfer to change the complete wheel if it is possible because if I just attach a addon, it will IMO look completely cheap.

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@riahc3: let's start with your current make and model. Usually, you can buy a used wheel off a higher end car from the same make and it should fit. For example, I have a Honda Accord (Inspire in Japan) and I picked up an Acura RL (Honda Legend in Japan) wheel that I planned to put in. It will fit with no issues but I've yet to verify if the cable reel will support the extra buttons, yet. We will see. I'm also not liking the idea of needing to purchase a new airbag ($$$) so I may just find a way to fab the buttons into the existing wheel.

Unless you go wireless, you will need a cable reel of some sort (gives the wires slack so you can go lock-to-lock with the wheel without binding any wires up). The only way around the reel is to interface from the steering wheel wirelessly.

Regarding airbags: I could be wrong, I've never tested it, but I've not seen airbags that don't use a 2-pin connector. This meaning they should all be compatible, provided you are willing to splice on a connector if the new airbag plug doesn't match your existing one. **This is theoretical. I have not tested this** I'd feel horrible if you went through this trouble and I was wrong. Not to mention the safety risks involved. Anyone with airbag experience (working at a shop or something similar) able to confirm or deny this theory?
Currently I have no make/model. I was wondering if there is something universal but, as I thought, no there isnt.

The airbag issue is something that Im afraid makes this difficult to replace. Id problably have to take it to a shop (the aftermarket wheel) so I dont mess up the airbag.