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Thread: How to wire my existing/OEM Backup reverse camera to a touchscreen monitor?

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    How to wire my existing/OEM Backup reverse camera to a touchscreen monitor?

    Hello all, looking for some advice as I look to build a carpc in my new car (2013 Kia Optima Hybrid). Didn't have all these complications with my old car, haha.

    My '13 Kia has the convenience package which comes with a backup camera. I've seen the wiring diagrams, and there's the signal wire, power wire, ground wire and data wire that connect directly into a male connector which then connects to the female connector on the headunit. There is no Yellow AV/Video output wire that connects to the headunit, the data is sent through the data wire, which is just a regular 12 gauge wire i think. They are all the same. So how would I then connect this to the AV of a touchscreen? Could I just splice the wire of a male yellow AV wire and solder it to the video data wire?

    I'm not savvy with wiring, which sucks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Might be alot easier to just replace the camera with one more user friendly, sorry but thats all i got for you. Good luck SNO

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    I am with Sno. If you never will have a use for this OEM camera you could try cutting it and use the ground for the outside of the connector and the data for the center pin on your video cable and see what happens.

    If you do this you will want to use a USB video card to test with in case the signals are not compatible and take out the video port.

    Or just spend the money and get a new camera.

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    Thanks guys, someone from kia forums is planning on testing it out himself. If it doesn't work then I will either keep the stock headunit for backup camera and Bluetooth purposes, or get a new camera.
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