I have a VW Golf GTI Mk6 2011 which uses CAN BUS for its steering wheel controls for the factory audio.

I would like to replace the factory audio with a Nexus 7 but retain the SWC.

I know JoyCon can do this for cars that use resistive and digital signals on the SWC, as the VW uses CAN BUS the JoyCon is not suitable.

I was wondering is this setup would work:

VW CAN BUS -> C2R-VW2 (PAC Audio) -> JoyCon -> Nexus 7

Here are some references for the PAC Audio, would anyone be able to confirm that this setup would work with the JoyCon


CarPC JoyCon EXD

I think as long as the PAC Audio is converting the signal to resistive / digital, it should work with the JoyCon. Its just that I have no way of confirming this.