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Thread: JoyCon EXR randomly activates programmed buttons

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    JoyCon EXR randomly activates programmed buttons


    I have had the JoyCon EXR for three years, it has worked admirably with my carpc for 2 and my 2012 nexus 7 for 1yr.

    I recently upgraded to a 2013 Nexus 7, since then randomly,erratically it would activate the programmed buttons.
    I have 4 "tasks" programmed. Previous track, next track, Pressing and holding previous track launches my music player, Pressing and holding next track plays/pauses.

    Recently, without me touching the steering wheel buttons it would launch my music player, or restarts the current song, or jump to the next.
    It tends to launch my music player allot more than any of the other actions.
    Sometimes it would do it constantly: it launches my music player, i go back to home screen, the music player would pop back up.
    Today it repeated that process 5 times. and even restarted my song 3-4 times.

    In addition to the new tablet (2013 nexus7), i added a Axxess metra aswc-1 to control my aftermarket radio.
    So the joycon is attached to the same wires as the axxess, that leads from the steering wheel wires.
    Before adding these , the steering wheel wires were directly connected to my factory radio.
    i have since removed them from the factory radio; only the axxess and the joycon are connected.

    I dont think the issue is with the tablet, i have a feeling it may be with the axxess device.
    I am not able to reproduce the issue on demand. sometimes it would work as normal for a week or more.
    other times it would happen many times as i am driving to work.

    Is the joycon going bad?
    What would cause it to activate a task that requires me to press and hold a buttons for 2 seconds before launching the music player?
    Could the axxess device be sending a signal in the range of the buttons that are programmed?

    any ideas will be appreciated, its starting to drive me insane! lol

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    Might be a loose or oxidized connection. Since it works by measuring resistance, any oxidized connection that vibrates might go through the resistance range and trigger commands while traveling through them?

    Try unplug and replug connector a couple times before buying a replacement.

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    that is definitely something to note .
    i will recheck my wires again.

    Strange indeed . i had recently soldered everything together,
    my cut and redo.

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    Also check if the resistance of the button has changed. Huge differences in ambient temperature can do that. Not a lot, but sometimes enough to activate a button near the idle resistance. You can see it easily in the JoyCon Explorer.

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    ^^as above mine needed a retune here and there...some buttons were a bit too smilar.with i just trimmed down the width of the block in the joycon software.if you know what i mean..

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