I ordered a Joycon EXC and hooked it up to my VW GTI Can+ and Can- wires from the steering harness

I've been following this guide to hook up the EXC to my VW steering wheel controls

I changed the baud rate to 100kb/sec from the info found here and started getting tons of info dumped into the Joycon Explorer interface

I've hooked up the CAN L and CAN H wires as indicated in the guide above, as well as indicated on this image:

The problem is while I do get the same signals as this post.

Typically when you press a button you will get 2 packets with the pressed button code.
Then once it is released you will get about 5 packets with the "no button" code to indicate all buttons are up. Then the 0x05c1 stop until another button is pressed.

Byte button
0x00 No buttons pressed
0x06 Volume up
0x07 Volume down
0x2b mute
0x1a phone
0x0a menu
0x28 ok
0x22 up
0x23 down
I'm not sure how to program the "UP" signal in the JoyCon interface. I tried setting the Up signal to 0x00 for all buttons, but occasionally it doesn't register and it results in a 'long press' of a button.

Any way to configure JoyCon EXC to just do a 'small tap' of a button and not wait for an up signal to disable it?