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Thread: Touchscreen does not work at login.

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    Touchscreen does not work at login.

    So I've run into an intermittent problem with my DScustoms 7" touch screen.

    Sometimes when I boot into XP, When the login screen comes up the touch screen doesn't work. Once I login to a profile I have to open up the touch screen monitor program and the screen gets detected and works immediately (I don't need to do anything other then open the window.)

    Other times it boots up and works just fine.

    My car computer runs off a laptop that I use for other things. I think that booting the laptop with the touch screen disconnected causes the touch screen to not work the next boot.

    Any idea on how to fix this?
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    make sure your connection on the back of the monitor is secure - the cable connector is very fragile and the screen can act oddly if not secured perfectly.


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