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Thread: Touch Screen Kit

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    Touch Screen Kit

    i was just wondering if you can put the Touch Screen Kit from digitalww on any 7 inch compisite input LCD or do you have to buy the lcd screens from him that it is compatible, and will the touch screen just work on the vga input or does it even work with compisite

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    The touch screen should fit work on any 7 inch display. Just check the exact dimensions. The controller needs to connect to power somewhere. The serial controller needs to plug into the display power but I believe the USB version gets power from the USB line. You would need to confirm this with DigitalWW.

    The touch screen will work with either VGA or composite. It doesn't care what's underneath it. The software lets you calibrate the screen to the display.

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    yeah it'll work with any screen. Just that the touchscreen fits almost perfectly into TM-701L housings. Only thing youd have to do is figure out how you want to mount it. Tape?
    Mine needs to be updated.


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