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Thread: Winamp control via bluetooth on Nokia 7650/3650 or Sony Ericsson P800

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    Winamp control via bluetooth on Nokia 7650/3650 or Sony Ericsson P800

    Just a cool little bluetooth tool one of my friends showed me.

    Just tell it where your winamp is, where your mp3's are and it does the rest. you can pause, play, stop, track forward/backwards. load single songs or entire directories. and adjust the volume.

    I'm not sure how usefull it will really be but It's quite fun. It looks like it can also be used with a computer with a net connection to control a remote computer, but I have not played with that yet.
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    yeah me and my mate made a program like this that uses sony erricsson t68i, its cool, i can load playlists, search for songs and all the standard functions while lying in bed. once i get a pc in my boot i'm gonna install it so i have a car remote!

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    hey nic i've got a t68i two and would love to have something like that, would you like to share this with the rest of the MP3car community?
    Cheers Mosh


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