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Thread: Satellite TV inside your vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by cproaudio
    The package comes with the dish and the receiver. Both are propriatary to eachother. That means they will not interchange with any other receivers. Retail is $3500. Adding the service is like adding another room to your house. I think it's $5 a month. The installation will probably cost $500-$1500 depending on how custom the install will be. The rep told me that they sell about 150 units a day nation wide.

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    That's the old version that no one wants. I was talking about the new version in the pic of the original post. I also said "retail" You can always get anything cheaper than retail on the internet. I've seen the latest version. It doesnt look that bad. It looks ALOT better than the ebay auction one.

    Edit: the ebay one is for RV use. Retail is less than $2000. You can mount a bath tub on the roof of an RV and no one will notice just like when you mount that dome on the roof, no one will notice. The one in the pic in the first post is for SUV. Notice the super low profile? It's gonna be while until we see a Honda Civic version.
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    How come there is such big difference this reception and the one from regular GPS receiver-units?

    the difference is also in how it works.

    satellite TV uses a single satellite for reception. if you are driving through town trees, buildings, billboards etc can interfere with that signal, as you know even a couple second interuption is enough to kill the video for a bit.

    Whereas GPS receivers listen to multiple satellites at a given time. if it loses one it still has others. also an interuption of signal isn't as critical as the GPS precision stream is under 2MBPS vs (well a WHOLE lot more vor video).

    hope that helps

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    At last years Comdex Sirius Sat radio was able to transmit video streams over thier sat radio network. not sure how long before this rolls out if ever but they just showed it can be done with an antenna the size of a hockey puck.

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