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Thread: touchscreen kits

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    Question touchscreen kits

    hey everyone -

    i am new at this, and i am really interested in trying to hook this up correctly.

    i decided i want to go with a touchscreen to make it easy on myself, but i was wondering how touchscreen kits work.

    is it better to just buy a touchscreen, or to get an lcd and then get the touchscreen kit?

    thanks in advance

    - mike

    PS. any suggestions are really welcome.

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    I use to install touchscreen kits on my old job. The thing about kits is, well first it is a cheaper option, but doesn't mean the best. Installing the kit needs a steady hand, and unsweaty forehead. Dust, moist, are one of your worst enemies. You cannot allow dust particles to enter between the touch screen and the ctr or lcd screen, if some did, then you will be viewing it as part of your monitor evertime you look at the screen.
    The good thing about buying the built-in touchscreen is that machine can do a better vacuum than a human hand (well, still depend on who manufactures it), and it will be virtually free of dust because they use laser to seal it, we only use a double sided tape/elec. tape or a silicon.
    Touchscreen kits are not all the same. the one we use to install is virtually unbreakable (we use a wood hammer to demonstrate it on a comp. exhibit). Also some TS are clear, some are dull.
    Lets not also forget that TS kit has a controller that you have to attach somewhere and get the neccessary voltage and ground. This controller is accompanied with a software to calibrate the kit once installed.
    My advice for a firsttimers is to just get the built-in TS, unless you have a lot of spare time...

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    what kind of touchscreen kit is it?

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    Touchscreen Controller

    Danon, Maybe you can help me with a unit I am working on right now. It is a HIGH bright LCD with Elo touchscreen, but the controller is some funky thing that connects to an industrial DVD player. The cable inside, from the touchscreen to the controller, is a standard 5-wire ribbon connector.

    1. Is there a way to check what signals are being output through the connector from the controller to the player, and:

    2. Can I translate those signals into a standard serial signal my computer would recognize?

    I am trying to not put another $100-$150 into this thing for a new controller, but may need to.

    On a side note, has anyone checked out the new "toy" by LeapFrog called the Leapster? 5" color lcd, touchscreen, backlit, and the toy runs on flash. Pretty sweet for $80!



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