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Thread: Lightpens

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom2112
    A couple years ago I removed an threw away hundreds of them that were attached to terminals in the hospital I worked for. We replaced them with WindowsNT workstations.

    Why? Aside from the obvious limitations of a dumb terminal, the parts were increasingly hard to come by and very expensive. Light pen = $300+; Mouse = $10.

    If they are worth so much, why did you throw them away?

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    I love duck hunt
    that game rocked!!!
    i played it more than I did mario
    Quote Originally Posted by menudude View Post
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    Quote Originally Posted by none
    If they are worth so much, why did you throw them away?
    It's really a supply and demand thing. We were one of the last people on earth using them. So when we went to sell them, no one was buying. But when we wanted to buy them, they had us over a barrell. So we ended up throwing them away. We probably should have sold one to the Smithsonian!
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