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Thread: OEM looking control--use power window switches?

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    OEM looking control--use power window switches?

    I was wondering if anyone had thought of wiring up a power window switch in their dash or center console or w/e to control their PC.
    Something like this:

    Goes from anywhere between $.99 to $30 on ebay all the time, and has a d-pad, a button, and a switch that could be used for computer power or screen power, depending on the wiring. You'd need a couple more buttons, but I'm sure there are other OEM units you could canabalize for the purpose (hazard lights? AC controls? OEM radio buttons?)

    Has anyone really tried to get an OEM look control unit installed?
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    Well, that's cool looking and all, but I think keeping it alittle more simple with just a wireless remote is probably best. It's definitely easiest. I really like my keyspan remote. It's alittle pricey at $30 to $50. I think $25 to $30 is more reasonable, but the software its provided with is what makes the keyspan a nice remote with lots of flexibility with so few (but crucial) buttons.
    If you figure out how to get that power mirror switch to inerface with a pc, let us know how you did it. I'm thinking it would easiest to interface it with a cannibalized keyboard.

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