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Thread: the keyboard of the future?!?!?

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    it already does have sound

    I've found that I can type faster on my laptop keyboard than desktop- and i'm posative this has to do with the key travel. Maybe bleep bleep is all i need for feedback.

    they say there will be a bluetooth version. Both desktop and PDA are bluetooth here. I'm ordering one ASAP. BTW the picture on the linked page is a little misleading. the device is a little smaller, akin to a small cellphone or giant lighter (like my old zippo with the watch in it )

    I can't wait...
    car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects

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    Quote Originally Posted by LESLIEx317537
    I don't feel my touchscreen's buttons pressing either.

    But I sure do like it.
    I like it too
    but im also not typeing on my touchscreen.
    who knows, maybe it wont be a problem, but it'll sure take some getting use to.

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    True true, but if you turn on Windows XP's On Screen Keyboard you may be doing just that.

    Co-Pilot also has a On Screen Keyboard.

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    Went to the CES show in Vegas and tried one of these units. Works really well but you have to be a little careful since it's easy to hit other buttons. Also, you will not get sensory feedback and tha can take some getting used to.

    P.S. - The CES show is awesome, I highly recommend a trip there for anyone.

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