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Thread: wireless mouse w/ cradle + USB power

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    wireless mouse w/ cradle + USB power

    quick 2 questions that I haven't seen discussed:

    1- does anyone know of a good wireless RF mouse WITH a cradle (charging?) and at least 5 buttons for hotkey use

    2 - regarding a charging mouse with a cradle, does the mouse charge VIA USB power or does a separate adaptor need to be plugged in (i want the cradle primarilly as a place to store/hold the mouse when not in use, but would use to charge if installation was simple enough)

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    The Gyration wireless mouse is cool and doesn;t need a surface to be used, but I don't think it has 5 buttons. Logitech mx700 is a kick *** wireless mouse with 7 buttons, but expensive and kinda big for a car.
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    The Gyration kit is the ****!!!!! Got it from Best buy for $100
    Check out the shop if your in the Maryland DC VA Area

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