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Thread: Touch Panel FIX

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    Touch Panel FIX?

    My touch panel's ribbon cable came off the top and it seems to have been stuck with some kinda adhesive... What can I use to reattach... I think glue will ruin the connection... Soldering seems difficult the way it is... Any help would be great...

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    Can you post a picture of the loose connection?
    Maybe some double sided tape?

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    I did this to my touch screen cable. I tried doublesided foam tape, clamps everything, but it didnt work. I then decided to just solder it and it worked great.

    If its the flat cable for a touch screen with 4 flat wires in it, just scrape off the plastic like stuff on the cable over the copper colored wires youll need to do this for both sides of the cable, its easiest if the cut the cable in half to get 2 clean ends. For one of the sides youll have to scrape off the top of the bottom of the cable. (You need to scrape off both sides so you can touch the soldering iron to the metal of the wire on the top so it melts the solder on the other side of the cable, the plastic covering the cable will not conduct the heat properly) Then place some solder on one side of the cable on all four of the wires. Now place the other wire that you scrapped off both sides of and lay it on the other cable lining up the wires in between touch the soldering iron to the outside top of the wire where you scrapped off for all four of the wires, this should melt the solder and create a solid joint.

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