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Thread: Joystick as mouse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altimat
    Well...I'm looking for something that will feel natural in my hand...
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    girder allows mouse control. I control my mouse with a IR remote and irman. It allows speed control and all. Acceleration could use some work, but im probably not using it right. Still the mouse is very usable for me this way. I imagine girder can recieve commands from a joystick, if thats what you really want to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX7FDTT
    Wow That thing better be mad out of gold, $219 for a mouse ??
    It's not just a mouse, it's a one handed cording keyboard. I kind of forgot about price... Probably cost prohibitive for most. I bought it while I had two 6 inch subcutaneous K pins in my left shoulder. I lost use of my left arm for 4 months... but didn't escape the massive amounts of **** I always have on the 'to do' list.

    It's well worth the cost if you put the time into learning to use it IMO
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