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Thread: One remote to control them all

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    Ok, so tell me what kind of remote are you using for your carputer and how many things can it control.

    I want a remote really bad, but i dont want a bunch of remotes for different things. I want to control my PC, HU and XM from one remote (somehow i have a feeling it wont happen though).

    Im thinking about getting the ATI remote wonder, i was just at there site and saw they now have the remote wonder II out or coming out, not sure whats better with v2 but i dont think you can buy it yet.

    Does anyone make a RF and IR remote? That works with a pc and other stuff too?

    As it is now, i have a remote for my SONY HU, that i like a lot. Another remote for my XM roady, and want one for the pc that will replace the other two.


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    guess i should of looked in the post at the top of the page!


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    One ring to rule them all

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    @Savagekabbage: lol
    @ liquid_smoke, I know that there is on the web some diagrams of ir receptors and transmeters... Therefore you'll be able to use winlirc to learn your 2 or 3 remotes with it and after use a program to send signal of the second or of the third remote with the touchs of the first...

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    check out this thread
    New X10 RF/IR PC Remote Control.

    This remote should take care of the things you need.


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    I have an Alpine HU and a dual functions (Audio and Visual) remote control forgot the model. This remote is use for Alpine HU that has DVD or Nav control. When slide to Audio, I can control the HU. When slide to the Video, I control the carputer. The remote only has like 10 buttons but it can do most the job.
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