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Thread: control winamp via windows ce 2.0(on palm pc)

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    control winamp via windows ce 2.0(on palm pc)

    I bought palm PC everex freestyle and i want( if it is possible) control winamp on PC with it. The palm PC is running with WINDOWS CE 2.0.
    So if somebody seen or if somebody have software to do that, please post the link or software for that.If it is possible i rather use IR ,than USB or RS232 to connect with PC (i am synchronizating palm PC with IR at the moment),

    Have a nice day!!

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    PC anywhere should do that. They even had a version that ran on CE 1.0 back in the day. Then in theory, you could control everything on the main PC with the palm.
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    VNC is a free alternative to PCAnywhere that has worked great for me, and they have ports for every OS including winCE.

    There should be a Winamp plugin for direct control, however, that may be easier. I know they exist for Palm OS (PalmAMP) and Pocket PC, which is just a later evolution of the WinCE boxes AFAIK. Spend some time searching on

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    I picked this up for my iPaq.
    It works well with 802.11b to control my media player at home. I was thinking, but never did it, that it shouldn't be hard to mount an IR reciever on the dash and run it to the carputer. Then you should be able to network like normal with activesync and use this software.

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