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Thread: Alternative input device....

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    Alternative input device....

    Has anyone ever used a "smart cat", "easy cat" or "cruise cat"? They are basicly a touchpad like a laptop uses, and connect via usb or ps/2. I see them at Frys pretty cheap, but I am still leary of trying them. The cruisecat has a cool gesturing control, you can click a button and draw a letter to open a folder or perform a command. I am SOOOO fed up with touchscreens, especially when mine comes back I am considering just getting rid of the old touch screen altogether. I use a creative remote already within MediEngine, and it works great, but this little guy is just begging to go in the console

    By the way, they start about $30 at Frys, I think the pricing on this site is forign currency
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    i have one somewhere
    its ps2 i think

    yours if you want it
    for the right price

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