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Thread: sony ericsson phone bluetooth pc remote

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    wow, lots of activity in this thread since last i visited it. I stopped using my phone as a bluetooth remote in the car primarally because it refuesd to talk to my handsfree kit and my computer at once. Have u guys managed to get the computer working as a handsfree kit? cause then i could have the best of both worlds, plus the handsfree currently in my car seams buggy as hell, or mayb its the phone, who knows. come to think of it there was a thread about this a while back, i might just go dig it up now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic
    Have u guys managed to get the computer working as a handsfree kit? cause then i could have the best of both worlds,
    Unfortunately for me NO. This is the big ticket item for me, ive went through 2 different bluetooth dongles trying to get it to work. Aparently some devices support the AGP (audio gateway profile) and some dont, but you really dont know till you buy it or ask around on some bluetooth forums. Searching online there dosent seem to a a lot of people trying to do this, maybe a handfull. I used the phone as a remote for a while, but in the end its still a little quicker for me to just tap the touch screen.
    Using FMA, when you get an incomeing call it pops up a little window with incomeing call and automaticly pauses winamp (BIG PLUS). Finish talking and it unpauses winamp. That alone is pretty usefull. FMA also supports some other cool stuff like automaticly recording and archiveing your conversations to your hard drive, but....... you have to have the audio gateway (PC as headset) stuff working for this to work. Still trying.

    Im getting a new phone sometime this week, so ill be re-trying to get the pc as headset stuff working again.

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    Wow, FMA wins with that hands down. Now if only Jeyo Remote can do something like this as an add-on

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    yes i wish jeyo remote could do those things, FMA seems to be a little tempermental at some times, but its open source and free so you cant complain too much. Jeyo dosent have any problems connecting and reconnecting to my phone when i leave and enter the bluetooth range, sometimes FMA will crash when i re-enter the bluetooth range and it tries to reconnect. The scripting in FMA is a good idea, but could be implemented better and some of the functions like controling winamp could be shifted over to being hard coded intstead of scripts.

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    this is the coolest freaking stuff ever... this solves a lot of my problems... except my contract with sprint isn't up for another 6 months...

    can I still get a Sony Ericsson phone that sprint supports? I'm not that familiar with cell phones and I can't find on the Sony Ericsson if sprint supports any of their phones?
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    imprezive one: Look on Ebay for the Sony Ericsson T608. This is the only bluetooth sprint phone. I just switch from sprint to t-mobile so I can have bluetooth and unlimited internet.

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