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Thread: T9 dictionary/phone input device!?

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    T9 dictionary/phone input device!?

    hi, im pretty new here....

    i have looked if theres a thread on this, but i couldnt find one, so i apologise if iv just missed it.

    is there any product of interface available that would let you use a mobile phone like keypad to input text to a pc?

    im not gonna really need a keyboard for my carpc, but i think i'd better have one just incase i get gps etc..

    any ideas?


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    keypad working like mobile phone

    theres a girder link in this thread somewhere
    or else search nokia alphabet or keypad or whatever else you can think of

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    Hi, i have just created an app which might do what you are looking for.

    Please look here:

    Its not predictive text (because i figured that most times you would be entering street names etc, which isnt very good with T9 input), but i'm working on another app to do T9 input...

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