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Thread: Will this IRDA reciever work with girder...

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    Question Will this IRDA reciever work with girder...

    Would I be able to use a normal Universal remote with this IRDA reciever to control applications on my PC via Girder?
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    No. IRDA and infrared remotes operate on different frequencies.

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    1- IrDA and consumer remote don't use the same frequency
    2- IrDA and girder don't go well together

    you better build your own IR receiver.

    give a look at this guide
    and more precisely the section about building the receiver

    hope that helps.

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    IRAssistant supports IRda recievers. I am using it with a Jeteye reciever and a General Instrument universal remote. It's fussy to get working, but not impossible. Plus my reciever was only 9 bucks CAD.

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