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Thread: Cheapest place for a 7" VGA touch screen?

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    Cheapest place for a 7" VGA touch screen?

    It would help me and I am sure many other forum members. Where have people purchesed their LCD touch screens.

    Personally I am looking for a 7" unit. I have seen them on Ebay and Digital World Wide. Also please include any good or bad experiances with your company.


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    I got mine from the guy on ebay (i think its electroniccar or something close to that) and had no probs. Came out to be about $300 and had the screen exactly 8 days later

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    check the classifieds of mp3car

    Other than that ebay - i got mine from electronic car whatever, no probs so far....

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    I would definately say eBay - Search for 7" XGA LCD and you will see it - That's a Lilliput screen. Also digitalww.

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