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Thread: Datalux touchscreen problems...

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    have a doodle in bios, usually there are some settings regards to serial ports settings.
    also when you see device manager is the device there as unknown or missing drivers or not initialised? try installing the drivers manually by updating drivers from device manager,

    im no expert but i thought i give you a shimmer of light

    using latest drivers?

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    Add another Datalux monitor to the list that install cant find the touschscreen. I've downloaded everything I can find, I even downloaded the dos test utility, figured that here I dont have a windows caused problem. I've tried this all on my laptop, next step is to try it on the actual carputer since I believe it's onboard serial port is less likley to being effected to the onlboard winmodem and all the weird stuff laptops do.

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    Also, the above link sends you to a older page with the most recent as TW564SR3, if you search for tw564SR4 it has been released as well. Still didnt help, but it says its "XP" able..

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    I had some problems with my computer recognizing the datalux touchscreen. It turned out to be a problem with the serial ports. I deleted them from the device manager, let windows re-find them and everything was OK

    Worth a shot...
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    an easy way to see if the touchscreen is working thru the serial port is to do the following:

    1. Open up Hyperterminal (Start->Programs->Accessories->Communication)
    2. Make A connection using whatever Com Port the touchscreen uses
    3. In the properties for the connection, go to ACSII Setup
    4. Check Echo characters typed locally
    5. Start touching the panel, you should see characters start popping up on the screen

    If this works you know the touchscreen is in fact working and there is a problem with the drivers.

    I had problems setting mine up, turns out somewhere in the setup I had to actually go in and set the baud rate and the com port.
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    try one of these driver's .. If look at the model like LMV10R so this restive touch and they elo touch . Now ik you have a model like LMV10RB this captive and you will need Microstouch. here is for elo touch downloads for mirotouch get them datalux web site . I no these becuase I use to work datalux .

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