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Thread: lilliput code for x10 remote

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    lilliput code for x10 remote

    just wondering if any1 has found a suitable 3-digit code for the lilliput 7in vga lcd to suit my x10 mouseremote (universal remote control)

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    Hi mate,

    I can get you the acctual remote command later if you want, but I cannot get on for your unit specifically.

    Does yours have a "search" function... if its 3 digits, there must only be at most 1000 commands, alot of all-in-one remotes have a function like this.

    On a 2nd note, I have an impreza myself too, and I DID have the same screen as you (sold it before I even put it in the car)... im thinking of buying one again and getting my gps system running... the problem I had at the time (not including the no psu problem ) was where to mount it... do you have any pictures of how you have it mounted that I could nose at? cheers

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    yer the mouseremote has a search function, but doesnt work well with devices without channel + and -, just thought some1 might have found one already for this remote

    I havent any pictures of my install as it isnt completed yet, i've half finished mounting the lilliput lcd in the sunglasses compartment on the dash, so that when i open it, i can simply fold the lilliput up into place (on a hindge), that way its in clear view for myslef and passengers, i figured the 2din slot is a little too low for the screen, out of view, and in the way of the gear stick. this way i can keep my stock radio system inplace, and no1 will know i have a lcd in the vehicle, and i wont need to disasseble the lilliput lcd. then when i want to sell the car i can easily take the lcd out and pickup a 2nd hand sunglasses compartment from a wrecker..

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