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Thread: Mini Keyboard Comparison... Like it or not?

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    Mini Keyboard Comparison... Like it or not?

    Anyone own one of these? If so, how well do they perform?
    I like the built in trackball idea, saves extra wires and clutterness

    How about this ZIPPY EL-610?
    Illuminated, USB, ONLY in silver, $25 at

    NOT illuminated, IR, black, built in trackball..
    Does the IR suck on this, how about the trackball and its compatibility with XP?

    Logitechs mini keyboard for PS2
    Black, non-lit, usb, no track, $25..

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    I have that logitech PS2 keyboard. It was really cheap and it is TINY. Keyboard feel is awkward, but look at how small it is. It fits in my GLOVE BOX with ease!!!!!!! This is the last keyboard I'll buy for the carcomputer it's just too perfect. It's kinda stylish, and it's really small. The only drawback is that it is not wireless.............but it fits in the glovebox so I just leave it in there and it doesn't bother anyone

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    I have zippy 610 . The smallest keyboard I have found. Work like a normal keyboard with the feature to turn on blue light. Very cool.

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    I, too, have the Zippy 610. Fit and finish are great, and the backlight is great for in-car applications once the sun has set. It is a bit small (and subsequently difficult to type on at times), but small is good in our environment.

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    does the zippy have a switch to turn off the light?

    About how thick is it? Looks like it would be great to stash in the visor.

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    First hit on Google has a webpage indicating that its 25mm thick, 10oz and has a toggle button for the EL.

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    I'd stay from the ACK-573. It looks just like the dead keyboard I have. IR is a pain in the rear when you're trying to type, too. I'd rather have a USB cable.

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    Yeah zippy has a button for on/off for the EL. I have it also, great keyboard.. Took me a day before i could adjust to the smaller layout though, but after that no complaints
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