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Thread: Do all VGA screens glare badly or just with TS added

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    Do all VGA screens glare badly or just with TS added

    I in the process of putting together a carputer in my RX7 and am a bit concerned by all the stuff im reading about glare on the indash VGA displays.

    First is it only the displays with touch screens that have this problem? I can custom install a touchpad and avoid the touchscreen if this is the issue.

    I also have only been able to find 2 in dash VGA displays, neither seems to be "all that." are there any that i am missing?

    lastly, are there any lcds that mount nicely in a double sized din space? ones that are not fold out or anything, just sort of in your dash?

    thanks for this info!!

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    Anything reflective is going to have a glare problem as some point. LCDs are no exception. You can take measures to counteract the glare by mounting the LCD slightly higher and angleing the screen more downward, this will reduce glare by pointing the reflecting light down. Another common practice is to tint your windows. I've heard things about Xenarcs with an anti-glare coating or film, but I've never heard that they are much better than any other. The last thing to keep in mind is that the brighter your screen is, the better you can see it durring the day, but the more annoying it is at night and you're more likely to get noticed by "the fuzz."

    I have a Lilliput, live in Arizona (lots of bright sun), without tinted windows and my screen is at a 45 degree angle facing up, plus I wear sunglasses all the time. I can still read it with the sun directly on the screen. Can I read it well? No, but it's still legible., and are the most popular sites to buy LCDs from.

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    I can speak to the glare on the Lilliput vs the Xenarc (GAIN) screens because I have had both -- In the same car, at the same angle and behind the same touchscreen. The only variable is the LCD panel The lilliput is supposed to be brighter at 400 nits; however, on the bench it just appears that it is running at a slightly higher color temperature, making it appear brighter even though it's not actually that much brighter --

    In the sunlight; however, things are a completely different story. The lilliput completely rocks the Xenarc. It looks great in the sun. The Xenarc would wash out and was very difficult to read. The lilliput is easy under almost all circumstances.

    The best anti-glare device you can buy for your screen is a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. If you have a GAIN/Xenarc screen, this is almost a must for using it in the daytime. For a lilliput it's not as necessary, but it does help a lot.

    I'm going to write up a big Xenarc vs Lilliput review in the coming couple of weeks after I actually finish the switch completely. I haven't heard of anyone else who has switched over, so hopefully this will help people decide..
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