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Thread: Has anyone hooked a webcam to their carputer? I searched but

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadweasel
    Didn't see if you ever mentioned what kind of car you will be mounting, but I think it would be safe to toss out a warning about potential overdraw on your power system. One carPC is enough to knock some cars right out of commission, but two of them is almost a surefire way to get some problems you might not have foreseen, especially using an inverter. If you need to use two systems I would recommend using direct DC-DC power supplies for both, to maximize efficency and minimize power draw.

    You might want to rethink that.

    No Car-Puter will provide any SIGNIFICANT draw on the power of any Gasoline powered modern car engine.

    I was going to say provided the alternator is of sufficient size, but i realized this operates independant of the alternator. I will say, however, that provided you have a halfway decent battery with a reasonable recharging capacity, you will have absolutely no problems.

    So, his second computer will take roughly .15 horsepower. so what? that's not noticable. His primary computer will take maybe about half a horsepower to run. do you get my drift?

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    I'm sorry

    Its about electrical power. Ampere x Voltage = Watt.
    If you leave ur carputer running from a battery with the engine turned OFF, you will be draining the battery.

    You need a certain amount of AmpereHours left in your battery to crank your car. If your carputer drained too much from the battery, you won't be able to crank your car.

    So you see.. it has nothing to do with the HorsePOWER of your engine. In fact, I don't think connecting electrical devices will take any HP from your engine, since the energy comes from the battery. The alternator charges the battery, but its a fixed amount, so it won't be more if you connect more devices.

    Watch out to use more batterypower then the alternator can recharge, you will be draining the battery even if the car is running, but you won't be draining HP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brrman
    could only find references to rear view ideas. I want to have a webcam on the dash for when I track the car, etc...

    What would be a good camera for this? 30max fps decent enough for a video of a drive? Do the USB camera's work ok?

    I have done exactly this. You can see the videos on my website to judge whether they're of the quality you want. I used a Logitech Quickcam Messenger. 30FPS, but thing to remember is they "sweep" the field of view to reduce flicker, so fast panning can get a wierd sloping effect, if you see what i mean... (4 videos) (1 video, near the bottom)




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    Walleye and saxgod: You misunderstand how alternators work. Read through this thread for some better explanation.

    hydrogen hybrid (70 mpg ?)

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    I've had mine in my car for about 1 year and a half or about 40,000 miles, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blurp
    Walleye and saxgod: You misunderstand how alternators work. Read through this thread for some better explanation.

    hydrogen hybrid (70 mpg ?)
    beat me to it
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