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Thread: Hard Buttons

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    Hard Buttons

    I'm a relative newbie at this and I am in the planning stages for my car computer. The vehicles that it will go in Are:
    Mitsubishi Eclipse Spider '01 *(summer car)
    Subaru Outback '97 (winter car)

    So, I've decided on a dual-din config so I can put a hard wired ITPS in each car and then just move the screen and computer din units. I haven't yet decided on Frodo player or mediapc, however, I intend to try them all once I get all the pieces. Mainly I want: mp3's movies, ODB-2 realtime display while playing mp3's. FM radio and GPS (I think thats it

    So, onto the question:

    I have searched the junkyards in my area and have found the interior plastic panels around the radio for the eclipse. I would like to put in (lit) buttons, preferably with some way of changing the image on them so I could have volume control, forward, reverse, skip, etc.... and I wouldn't have to screw w/ the panel to do these common functions. Since I now have some "extra" panels to hack, now I don't mind drilling some holes into them for the buttons as I have "new" panels to put back in if I sell the car.

    I know how to rip the keyboard controller from a keyboard and wire it up, however, does anyone know a place to get some kind of button which is back lit, and preferably has some way of inserting a "picture" into it so you know what it's function is?

    I've googled , but I can't think of the right term for this type of button. Any/ all help is appreciated.

    BTW, anyone who might be interested, you can pick up auto-dimming mirrors (some w/ compasses) for cheap money if you make a local trip to a junkyard. Sebrings seem to come almost standard with them. I've picked up 3 so far for around $10 ea. Now to figure out how to get them into the car

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    Take a look in this , probabily It will help you.
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