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Thread: Touchscreen Issue

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    Question Touchscreen Issue

    I know I searched it first and have not found anyone with my problem. This has not occured as far as I can tell to anyone else, I guess I'm just the lucky one.

    I recently reinstalled from scratch after format Win XP Pro. Since then I have not been able to get my touchscreen to work. I tried ever suggestion every thread put forth, I replugged in the usb wire. I made Windows rescan the usb ports. Untill a little while ago I just kept recieved the error saying the device on your usb port has malfunctioned or if not that no device would show in device manager at all. I know my usb ports work any other usb device is immediately found.

    After a lot of fiddling I found that when I unplug the vga monitor cable, the usb touchscreen controler immediately shows up in device manager, and XP then says the device is ready for use. ???

    The only time the touchscreen can be used is when vga cable is not plugged in?

    I can't figure this one out, what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    1997 Toyota 4Runner
    Hardware: Travela c138 | Epia 800mhz w/512 mb , 80gig | Slot loading dvd-cd/rw | Nvidia Geforce4 4000 128mb
    Software: Win 2000 Pro | Delou Routis 2004 | Mediacar
    Screens: DWW-7VGA | 2 5" Headrest TFT Screens
    PS: OPUS 90W

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    maybe a short someplace?

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