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Thread: Lilliput touchscreen problem

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    Lilliput touchscreen problem

    Ok I don't know what I did but I took the screen apart and check the connections for resistance and when I put back the glue over the connections it's working again.

    BUT now another problem
    The touchscreen gets recognized and it starts to work but when I turn off my car and walk away the touchscreen won't be recognized next time. Why does that happen? My usb mouse always works properly.

    Epia MII 10k, 512 pc2700, opus 90w, and I have the opus wired with an inline relay so that power gets cut to it completely when I pull the key out of the ignition. I also had my opus 150w wired this way back when I had the TM-701L screen and that touchscreen worked fine everytime.

    I'd appreciate any help.


    Today was my first time putting the lilliput into the car and everything was ok.

    While I was driving with the carputer on the touchscreen stopped working and I don't know why. Now after hours of trying to get it to work, when I plug in the USB for the touchscreen I see something like "USB problem connection." Something like that, I get the error message such as when you plug in a burned out USB device.

    Anyone see this before? I'm starting to see the whole "You get what you paid for."
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    Could I just have fried the touch controller somehow?
    Mine needs to be updated.

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