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Thread: messed up touchscreen

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    I had some touchscreen issues with my xenarc, whenever it got hot the calibration would go off. Then the backlight died. I craked it open and jiggled all the wires around, making sure they were all in place. I sealed it back up and both the touchscreen and backlight have preformed flawlessly since.

    Both Xenarcs and lilliputs are very suceptible to getting loose wires. Rather then building everything onto one board, they seperate it into three. that means a lot of points of failure. If you're having issues with a wonky touchscreen or dead backlight, open it up and check your connections first!
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    You know, I should have really opened my Lilly up and checked the connections before sending it back. I have a feeling that I am not going to be getting it back from Lilliput for a very long time. I was thinking about and I may still buy another Lilly, save some money, and take the chance.
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    Touch Screen Sold!!!!
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    So, didn't realize there were any replies to my original post about messed up touch screen. Yeah they're a peice of ****. And the bottom line is that if this happens chances are the tsk panel is busted. Don't waste your time on reinstalling drivers and OSs. Armen helped me diagnose the problem and sent a new panel. Now the new panel and old usb controller has been working well installed in my car for about a week, a new record!!!

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    so the lilliput sux, not going to get that one, Xenarc is coming out with a black one next month according to the sales team.

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