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Thread: Indash DVD player

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    Please help me choose an Indash DVD player

    Hi I hope someone can help me decide what indash dvd player I should buy. I just bought a clarion vrx-610 and I need a dvd player There are alot of brands like soundstorm, pyle, power acoustik, starvision and I dont know which one is good to buy? All I really want to be able to do is play dvd-r. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME ??? THANKS IN ADVANCE

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    well, we don't really do that stuff here, but there is a guy selling what you are asking for in the Classifieds forum
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    I was wondering about this too actually. I've done a few searches here and on Google, but I can't find any relevent information.

    I want to get a Panasonic in dash DVD HU, with the touch screen, rather than go through the trouble of installing a CarPC, but what kind of options do I have in terms of future mods, like DVD-R and DivX playing, or HDD access, that kind of stuff.

    The price range is about the same, and although there isn't as much versatility, I have yet to see any CarPC software that can truly compare to the ease and sheer aesthetic value of some of the in dash DVD players.

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