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Thread: 2004 Jetta Factory steering wheel controls

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    2004 Jetta Factory steering wheel controls

    I'm thinking about buying a Jetta soon. Has anyone used the factory steering wheel controls that come with the Monsoon system to control their setup?

    Iíve found this: and this: that word with 2001 models and this: (the PAC SWI-X but they only work with 2001 models.

    I think it might work over the can-bus somehow. Anymore info on this?

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    PAC SWI says they will release a compatible adapter soon. But they keep pushing the release date.

    Here is the link to the pac website:

    It is surprisingly hard to find in google.

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    I searched countless vw parts sites but can't find a used or new contol module to use for my MKIV. Any clue were I can find those buttons? Junk yards?

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